Jon Durant, model builder, with a 1:32 scale Lockheed Lodestar scratch built model

As a kid, I always loved aviation and had a passion for building kit models. I was much younger than my four siblings so I would be alone alot. This gave me the time to develop my talents of making things.

My first scratch built model (A 1:32 scale P-51D Mustang) was tedious and difficult but once it was complete, I was determined to make more models. During the processes of teaching myself (through research, trial and error), I also built myself some machines that would assist me in making the components of each model easier. Vacuum forming is a huge part of my building process and I have built machines for this. Most of the detailed parts are resin cast, copied from hand carved master forms. Each model is handmade…each piece carefully crafted from the wheels to the fuselage.

The painting process is airbrushed with high quality paint. I make my own decals to the clients specs and pride myself in my final finish. I hand make the stands and hand etch aluminium plaques for each stand.

Being a lover of all sorts of aircraft, I love to be challenged and create a new aircraft type as much as possible. I have supplied various types of aviation oriented people, owners or companies – from pilots (current and ex pilots), airplane model collectors, scale model collectors, airplane building companies, airplane sales companies, aviation companies and general aviation enthusiasts.

I enjoy meeting all these interesting people from various places and all over the world. As a volunteer at the Airforce Museum in my hometown, Cape Town, and being the Team Leader of a large restoration (a Buccaneer) with a team of volunteers, I have acquired a wide knowledge of aircraft, vintage and modern.

My motto in life: If you have a passion for something, you will make a success of it.

Enjoy viewing my portfolio of models – every model has been made with great care and I have had the reward of happy customers as a result.